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We offer a number of programs to help your team improve their skills, knowledge and ability and execute your organization’s mission.  We can customize our programs to meet your timeline for training while maintaining the lowest possible cost.

Due to the pandemic, all of our 2021 courses are delivered virtually using Adobe Connect.

1. Leadership for Middle Managers

This two-day workshop focuses on the skill, knowledge, and insights needed to strategically and successfully lead from the middle of the organization. It includes a combination of readings, small-group activities, real-world experientials, lectures, and discussions.

2. Federal Supervision

Customized to your agency’s policies and programs, this front line supervisor course usually lasts around four to four and one-half days. It includes:

  • How to lead federal employees.
  • Establish an effective performance management process.
  • How to maintain high performing employees.
  • Administering discipline and termination procedures.
  • Labor relations.

The course includes a combination of readings, small-group activities, real-world experimental, lectures, and discussions. We can customize the length of the course based on your needs.

3. Managing Teleworkers

This two-day course aims at enabling supervisors to make objective decisions concerning telework and to effectively oversee and support teleworking employees; or, use other non-traditional settings. Added to this, we allow them to develop the skills needed to apply guidelines, create an environment that supports non-traditional work settings, apply performance management techniques; and use telework resources. For this, we offer a combination of readings, small group activities, real-world experientials, lectures, and discussions.

4. Federal Resumes

It consists of a one-hour long presentation when we provide the information needed to prepare a Federal Resume. Follow-on individual coaching is an option (additional fee).

5. Federal Job Search

This three-hour course offers information on how to find and apply for a federal job.

6. How to Apply for The Federal Senior Executive Service

It’s a two-hour long course that explains the Federal Senior Executive Service application process, benefits, risks, and rewards. The class also explains how to prepare Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ)

7. Change Management

This two to three-day course uses a group project to help participants learn the fundamentals and finer aspects of strategic thinking, planning, and change management.

8. Strategic Planning

Lasting two or three days, this course aims at strengthening the capacity of participants to work successfully with their organizations. For this, it offers proven techniques useful to improve organizational performance.

9. Employee Performance Management

This course helps supervisors develop and implement effective performance practices in just one day.

10. Being Successful as a Supervisor

The goal of this one-day course is to allow participants to study models and theories supporting successful forms of supervision and prepares them for the transition from employee to supervisor.

ICMC is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Assessment tools.

What students say about our classes

Went above and beyond to meet our class’s needs. Thank you!

If Information wasn’t available Ralph took the initiative to look it up overnight and present it. I appreciated the extra effort to present added figures and data on teleworking.


Great use of storytelling to bring practicality to the concepts

Effectively and seemingly effortlessly brought concepts from day one into day two as examples of what we had learned and put into practice with the group activities. We pulled the concepts together, but he talked in bigger picture terms that encapsulated the training expectations.

Very knowledgeable and savvy.

Great instructor.

Has a wonderful way about him in terms of how to create a safe environment, articulate clearly the information and lessons.

Was cordial, knowledgeable, and has a great personality. His sense of humor was greatly appreciated

Great overview of how different agencies work, brings vast experience with him, and is a great communicator. Provides helpful tips and ways of looking at issues a supervisor may have at work and provides alternative ways of thinking about things.

ICMC will customize its offerings for your organization.

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