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ICMC specializes in helping you create a superb resume that can be used to apply for a federal government position.

ICMC specializes in helping you create a superb resume that can be used to apply for a federal government position.

Federal resumes differ in several ways from a private sector resume. Our 38 years of federal experience, and more than 16 years in federal Human Resources ensure that you will have a winning federal resume.

Our Process

We start with a well written, private-sector resume. If you already have one, we can save you time and money. Otherwise, we can help you create one – but it will take a little longer and cost a little more.  After your private sector resume is complete, we will work with you to ensure it includes every unique federal requirement. If you have a private sector resume, we can help you customize it to meet federal requirements.

In developing your resume, we use an iterative process during which  we will rewrite portions of your resume, make recommendations and assist you in updating or creating your resume.

Our philosophy

We want you to learn how to maintain your resume throughout your career. While we would be happy to work with you over many years to keep your resume up to date, we hope you will only have to come to us once. After we finish preparing your resume, you will have the skills and knowledge to maintain it.  However, if you prefer, we will continue to work with you to keep your resume current.

We believe that your resume reflects the best “you”. As such, you should have a hand in its preparation. Or course, you can find a company that offers to write your resume for you. However, the price will be higher and you won’t get the same high-quality results you will  with  our process. No matter the price, no company can ensure that your resume will get you a job offer or even an interview, but we will maximize your chances.

If you already have a resume, we ask that you send it to us and let us review it (  After our review, we’ll let you know the cost of our service.  If you choose not to use our service, we commit to destroying the resume you sent – your privacy is assured. On the other hand, if you don’t have a resume, please give us a call so we can give you a realistic price and timeline to create one with you – 720-500-2555.

What our clients are saying

ICMC has provided outstanding and professional federal resume and hiring consultation services. Especially noteworthy has been the high level of personalized engagement, timely delivery of the service, superior customer support, and meticulous follow-up.

I got an interview and a GS15 position using the resume you helped me build. I had applied for numerous positions and never got an interview using a resume I paid another company to prepare – thank you!

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