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Leadership for Middle Managers

A two-day workshop designed to focus on the skills, knowledge and insights required to strategically and successfully lead from the middle of an organization, includes a combination of readings, small-group activities, real-world experientials, lecture and discussion.


Federal Supervision

A four and one-half day front line supervisor course, including how to lead federal employees; establish an effective performance management process; how to maintain high performing employees; and, when required, administering discipline and termination procedures; labor relations. Includes a combination of readings, small-group activities, real-world experimental, lecture and discussion.


Managing Teleworkers

A two-day course intended to enable supervisors to make objective decisions concerning telework and to effectively supervise and support a work environment that includes employees who telework; or, use other non-traditional settings. Additionally, develop the skills needed to apply guidelines, create an environment that supports non-traditional work settings; apply performance management techniques; and, utilize telework resources. Includes a combination of readings, small group activities, real-world experientials, lecture and discussion.


Federal Resumes

A one-hour presentation that provides information needed to prepare a Federal resume. Follow-on individual coaching is an option (additional fee).


Federal Job Search

A three-hour course that provides information on how find and apply for federal jobs.


How to Apply for the Federal Senior Executive Service

A two-hour course that explains the Federal Senior Executive Service application process, benefits, risks and rewards. The class also explains how to prepare Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ). Follow-on individual ECQ coaching is an option (addition fee).


Change Management

A three-day course that uses a group project to help participants learn the fundamentals and finer aspects of strategic thinking, planning and change management.


Strategic Planning

A two-or three-day course that will strengthen the capacity of participants to work successfully with their organizations by identifying and applying proven techniques for improving organizational performance.



A one-day course that helps leaders understand interest-based problem solving and negotiation to reach agreement. The course also explores decision making models and how to influence groups and one-on-one situations. After hours’ team work is required.


Employee Performance Management

A one-day course designed to help supervisors develop and implement effective performance management practices that set expectations and encourage effective performance.*


Being Successful as a Supervisor

A one-day course that allows participants to evaluate models and theories supporting successful supervision and prepare for the transition from employee to supervisor.*


Managing Poor Conduct or Performance

A one-day course for Federal supervisors that provides the information needed to manage employees who have conduct or performance issues.*


ICMC is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Assessment tools. We can help improve the way your team works together and as a result, increase productivity, employee engagement and organizational outcomes.

ICMC will customize offerings for your organization.
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*Also part of the four-day Federal Supervisor course.

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