ICMC can provide customized services to meet your needs.

Our mission is to provide the services the customer requires, on time and on budget, while exceeding the customer’s requirements and expectations.

Human Capital Management:

ICMC has more than 15 years experience with federal human capital operations and policy.   We can help you:

  • Build employee diversity through targeted recruiting
  • Educate supervisors on how they can improve their hiring success
  • Develop the leadership and management skills of your employees–supervisor and non-supervisor
  • Create effective and useful human capital policies
  • Prepare your employees to be members of the Senior Executive Service

We also can help your employees develop hard-hitting resumes; and, for those applying for the Senior Executive Service, a high-quality Executive Core Qualification narrative.


Strategic Planning:

From medical centers to business operations, ICMC has more than 20 years experience with organizational planning.   We can help you:

  • Integrate planning with financial management and capital and human capital investments
  • Align your organization with your plan
  • Create an effective annual planning cycle
  • Prepare an annual report that will be meaningful to your stakeholders and linked to your plan

Organizational Performance Management and Measurement:

ICMC believes that high performing organizations have an effective approach to organizational performance management and measurement.  With more than 38 years experience, we can help you:

  • Link performance measurement to strategic planning and individual performance
  • Develop an organizational performance review program and cycle
  • Use the National Malcolm Baldrige framework to create an integrated approach to managing and leading your organization

Proposal Preparation:

Using years of federal experience with large and small scale acquisitions, having served and led on source selection teams, and holding a Level III Program/Project Management certification under the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act, ICMC can help you prepare a winning proposal.

Proposal Support:

ICMC’s principal and president has held a Federal Level III certification as a contracting officer’s representative and project and program manager.  With more than 660 hrs of training, he has served and led source selection teams and was a team leader on a $1.2B procurement for the Department of Defense.   ICMC can give you a competitive advantage by helping you ensure your proposal meets the requirements of the solicitation and is written with the source selection team in mind – making it easier for the source selection team to understand your proposal and score it accurately.

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